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Our fully customizable designs, prompt customer service, and stunning craftsmanship make us the ideal interior designers in Dubai for any kitchen. We pay attention to every detail specified so you end up with the kitchen you always wanted.

The kitchen is the heart of any home, which makes it even more important to make this central space inviting, warm, and welcoming. 

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kitchen renovation



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How do you want your kitchen? This question provides answers that make up the foundation of the final design. We always start from this point.

Understanding your lifestyle is the key to this mystery which we understand.


Whatever You’re Looking for, We Have It

At Spanish Concept Home, we do all types of kitchen designing including modern, contemporary, mid-century, industrial, or Scandinavian.

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We work closely with our clients to create outlines of plans that improve functionality of their daily lives while adding beauty to their homes.

We’re offering the most bespoke kitchen designing services in Dubai catered to your needs!


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The first step toward building a durable kitchen is to find out a reliable service provider like Spanish Concept Home. Your service provider must be aware of the local weather and other technicalities while reconstructing a Kitchen in UAE and Dubai.

Kitchen remodeling and renovation in Dubai is one of the most expensive projects to undertake. It is critical that you make the right decisions before starting any project. The cost of a new kitchen can vary greatly depending on what you want to include in your Kitchen.

It further depends on the extent of the renovation and the complexity of your existing Kitchen. You can expect to spend about 20% of the total cost on materials for a kitchen remodeling job, with an average cost of around 0000 AED for a new kitchen design or about 0000 AED for an upgrade from an older model. This figure includes labor as well as materials, so it will vary as per your selected design.

Yes! At Spanish Concept Home, we do offer customized Kitchen remodeling and designing services according to the client’s budget. Talk to our consultant today and get a perfect Kitchen in your budget.

At Spanish Concept Home, we source top-quality material to provide our clients in UAE and Dubai a quality that is built to last. Our material is durable and perfectly combats the humid/dry weather of the UAE. A full Kitchen remodel further includes;

  • Tiling, Ceiling, Kitchen Counter and Cabinet work,
  • Construction and Demolition Products,
  • Electrical materials,
  • Plumbing,
  • Final finishing.

It depends on the size of the Kitchen. To complete a remodeling project for a 4′ x 8′ kitchen will take about — weeks. For a 6’ x 9’ kitchen, you can expect to spend about — weeks on the project. A new kitchen will take about — weeks to complete.

We provide bathroom fitting, refurbishment, and remodeling services throughout the UAE. Contact us and let us know where you are, and we’ll work out the details over the phone.

Spanish Concept Home is known for its expert consultation services. Our team of interior designers and consultants provides thorough guidance before executing any project. You may contact us and set a consultation appointment to discuss what you have in mind, and we shall guide you further regarding the applicability of your chosen design. We also have a plethora of designs already available to choose from, so contact us today to design your dream Kitchen.

The first step in designing a new kitchen is deciding what kinds of equipment you want to install. There are many options available such as gas cooktops and ovens, induction cooktops and ranges, stove tops and refrigerators, among others. The type of equipment that you choose depends on what kind of cooking you do at home.

Kitchen design like Corner Kitchen or Open House Kitchen is also an important factor, so we would recommend consulting with our experts before finalizing your Kitchen design.

We sure do. Spanish home concept is one-of its-kind company to offer a 10 years warranty on our renovation service. You may contact us and our consultant will guide you about our policies.

No, Spanish Concept Home design and remodel full houses. From Kitchen and Bathroom to full Villas, we are experts in providing interior design services for homes in UAE and Dubai. Our expertise lies in reconstructing traditional constructions into modern and aesthetically equipped spaces for your ease and comfort.

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