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Bathroom Remodeling Dubai

Your bathroom serves as an escape from all the chaos and disharmony of the outside. This is where you wash the worries away with a relaxing cleansing session.

If you don’t wish to be the builder along with the owner, manage the bathroom remodel process, or DIY the bathroom, we will do it for you. And we promise to do only the best in Dubai!

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About Our Company

Finding the Balance between Luxury and Value

You could want to renovate or remodel your bathroom for a number of reasons. Mostly, homeowners in UAE want a bathroom remodel for three main purposes:

However, working on a bathroom isn’t a walk in the park. Multiple factors come into play and it’s normal if you’re feeling overwhelmed. We want to take the burden off your shoulders while keeping you the main priority.


Better Guidance and Planning

You may have a lot of ideas when it comes to your bathroom. At Spanish Concept Home, we understand your demands and try to come up with the designs best suited for you.

Quality Build

Innovative Design Services

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Why Select Us

To pull off a bathroom remodel perfectly, you need a team of experts from Spanish Concept Home. And this is what we’re offering through our best deals in Dubai!


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Well, there is no one-size-fit-for-all type formula that works to predict the bathroom renovation cost for every client that reaches out to us. However, below are a few factors that contribute to the final renovation cost of a bathroom.

  1. Your bathroom’s condition 
  2. It’s size
  3. It’s layout
  4. The building material you are willing to use in the renovation 
  5. Accessories 
  6. Finishing 

However, to give you a general idea of what you should expect to pay while contacting Spanish Concept Home for your bathroom renovation, we can say it ranges from 000 AED to 000 AED. 

We also tailor-make your renovation expense and limit it in your budget. For a customized renovation plan, call us at +971 50 254 0277. 

* Enter your price range here.

Spanish Concept Homes schedules a designer’s meeting with you to help you decide on the color swatches, shades, and models to help you create your dream bathroom.

Spanish Concept Home believes in providing quality and dreams are never built without quality products. We have deep relationships with some companies who provide us with the best-in-class plumbing supplies that are up to par with our requirements, fulfill the quality standards, and allow us to fit into the budgets of our diverse clientele.

Yes, we do. But, you know what? Once we have agreed on one design, design change requests mean adding or removing some or more elements from the design. It completely shakes off the cost and entire design plan. Also, it affects the promised design completion date. 

So, request a design change. We’d provide you with another estimated quote and completion date of the whole project with an additional 15% labor cost which will go to our team to provide additional services for altering the whole plan.

At Spanish Concept Home, we receive 50% payment in advance and the rest of 50% payment once we have completed the whole project.

Why not? Though we have our own collection of inspirational designs. Your bathroom, however, is your place where you’d wash your day off (or warm up yourself with a hearty bath). We’d love to seek inspiration from the bathroom design you fancy and turn your bathroom dreams into reality.

It depends. Again, the size and scope of your bathroom’s work decide the potential time it will take to complete the renovation process. However, a general timeline for small renovation projects is 3 to 6 weeks; for larger projects, it is 4 to 8 weeks.

Our quote includes everything. Here’s the list of everything that we include while offering you a quote:

  • All the construction products
  • Plumbing and electrical material 
  • Ceiling and corner work 
  • Demolition 
  • Tiling 
  • Final fit outs 

Of course, we do! We offer a bathroom renovation warranty on our renovation services for straight 10 years.

However, if the client supplies any products or materials, they are not covered in the warranty. Also, if any of our appointed workers does not install an installation or fixture, that installation or fixture won’t come under our warranty umbrella.

We offer our bathroom fit-out, renovation, or remodeling services all over the UAE. Reach out to us and let us know your location, and we’ll decide further details on call.

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