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villa renovation

Renovating requires innovative designs and time-bound effort. Know all about renovation in Dubai for making the right decision!

Renovation in Dubai: Where Should You Go?

To renovate your place, you have to understand the importance of making your home or office exactly the way you envisioned it. You’d need a wide range of services to refurbish your property just like you always wanted.

Our team will sit down with you, discuss your brief, refine the plans, and keep you in the loop at all times. You will be navigated through every phase of the project starting from the initial brainstorming to the completion of the design. For renovation in Dubai, you can’t get a better deal than ours!

Renovation in Dubai: Creating Perfect Spaces

Our team of highly specialized interior designers has a solid knowledge about complementing architecture and furniture. We maintain an approachable behavior to make sure you are always comfortable communicating with us.

townhouse renovation

Living Room

Are you looking to give your living room a quick fix? Or maybe a full redesign? Revamping the living room space opens you up to a world of possibilities. An elegant living room design aligns with your personality and lifestyle while being efficient and stylish.

It is also going to be your getaway from all the stress of the outside world – a place where you can re-energize your body and mind. The living room is also a place to strengthen social connections. A bit of planning laced with inspiration is all it takes!

kitchen renovation


Rightfully known as the heart of the home, the kitchen is where meals are cooked up that not only fill the stomach, but also soothe the soul.

It’s one of the most important spaces in your entire house as it’s constantly in use. Such a place needs to be functional but you don’t have to skip on style and look.

We create kitchens with beautiful floorings, classic facilities, tasteful countertops, sinks, cabinets, taps, and a variety of other accessories. We consult with you regarding your desired plan and devise a course of action to achieve your dream. Only the best materials are used to transform kitchens into sophisticated contemporary spaces with useful components, appliances, and finishes.

At Spanish Concept Homes, we take pride in our capability to complete any project of renovation in Dubai to the highest of workmanship standards, with the design you need to meet your needs.

bathroom fit out


After a tiring day, your bathroom is where you move to relax and unplug. This is your personal space. Relax in a visually pleasing space filled with all the necessary appliances and components.

Whether it’s a marble bathtub or chic shower, we can do everything. Bathroom refurbishments can include many different services such as plumbing repairs, installation of sink, bathtub, and many more.

A luxurious and stylish bathroom will increase the value and quality of your home. It’s important to make the best use of any available space because bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side for most homes. Choosing the right products will make all the difference so it’s best to get knowledge beforehand.

luxury villa interior design


Your bedroom is going to be the place that you may spend the majority of your time in. So feel free to let your imagination run wild with plans for this place. Keep in mind that there is an obvious need for the thoughtful planning of storage.

You will need a clever storage plan to safeguard all your favorite clothes, fun shoes, and beloved accessories. A good bedroom is one that is free of clutter, designed to create a relaxing experience, and calm your nerves to lull you to sleep.

luxury villa interior design

Townhouses and Villas

Townhouses and villas are our specialty. From rustic, vintage designs to chic, contemporary bliss, our projects can get as diverse as your wildest imaginations.

Renovating a townhouse or villa can be tricky as there are several elements associated with it. Arbitrarily putting furniture in will not make it look homely



With falling and rising trends, commercial units try to keep market appeal by upgrading themselves. This means retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and many more. Developing creative shop designs and retail interiors helps maximize sales and customer interest.

The primary objective of renovating should be approaching everything with the details in mind. The client’s ideas need to be transformed into a positive retail experience while boosting brand loyalty and driving sales.

Spanish Home Concepts can do a full retail interior design, including a full turn-key option if you want – from the first stages of concept development to manufacturing and refurbishing each and every section of your space.

office remodel ideas


A great workplace increases employee retention, productivity, well-being, and loyalty. When one works in a creative space, they are inspired to do better and come up with better ideas. We deliver office refurbishment, design and build, fit out, and full renovation projects.

Great science goes into crafting the perfect workspace. Companies are learning how to embrace change as they move toward more agile, relaxed, and flexible work environments.

How Much Does Renovating Cost in Dubai?

It is difficult to narrow the average price of renovation in Dubai down to fixed digits. The number tends to vary depending on the location, size, and demands of the space. However, when you are investing in the right company, the value is much higher than the designated price.

Consider all the pluses when you renovate your space. Refurbishing the kitchen, installing new bathroom fixtures, or redoing the living room space, all will add to your household

How Long Does Renovation Take?

Many factors are taken into consideration. Designs and approval take up the bulk of the first 2-3 weeks, so even a moderately-sized apartment can take two months to complete.

It’s crucial to partner with a contractor who will give a realistic timeframe as well as take into account fluid situations, like moving deadlines and rental agreements.

A full villa renovation can take up to 10 weeks to complete while even a simple renovation can take as long as 4 weeks if there are many steps involved.


Ending Notes

You want your space to be comfy, but try not to make the modifications too personal in terms of taste levels. Ensure that you received all the right approvals so there is no issue in the future if you decide to sell the property.

Reach out to us for all sort of renovation in Dubai for your house or office.

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